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The Coffviews

This series is called “Coffviews”. We’ll be getting reviews from a variety of coffee lovers regarding their opinion on the Taste Good Coffee original blends.

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TGC Amarelo Playlist

Taste Good Coffee and Da Playlister Network Present: The TGC Amarelo Playlist - An ensemble of Jazz, Lo-Fi, R&B and other sounds that represent the flavor of our product. 

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Wake-Up Routine: Coffee & Cow Pose

  Yoga is a holistic practice used to alleviate physical stressors along with settling uneasy minds. I enjoy this practice in the morning especially because of the way it wakes you up. However, my love for coffee has me conflicted on what should come first. Do I drink coffee before my Sun Salutation? Or do I reward myself with a warm brew after Downward Dog? Depending on the specific type of yoga, it can either give you jolt of energy to start your day or ease your tension into a peaceful slumber. For example, Vinyasa Yoga "is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath; commonly referred to...

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Amarelo Energizer

Amarelo is a seductive blend perfect for a relaxing weekend. As you know, we cannot start off our day without the perfect soundtrack which we provided below.

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