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Much to Enjoy about the TGC Granada Playlist

It’s Friday! Now is the time to come back to life from such a strenuous work week. Every weekend should begin with an invigorating sensation. After all of the effort you gave at your job, you deserve to feel uninhibited freedom. My aunt would always tell me, “The tone you start your morning with sets the energy for the rest of your day”. Imagine yourself in your room. You have the perfect outfit for the evening and it fits you even better than when your first pieced it together. Every element necessary to make your look pop is adding to this moment. You admire yourself in the mirror with such infatuation that you begin to blush. That tingle that glides through you and forces a smile on your face is what great coffee provides. 


Drinking a fresh brewed coffee should make all of your senses dance at the top of your skin. The sultry aroma of Granada invites you into that subtle yet warm kick in every gulp. A cup full of spunk that’ll motivate you to speak up at that meeting or buy those shoes you've been eyeing everyday on the way to work. Granada is for those needing an extra kick in their morning. Great coffee should feel like your morning playlist. 


What is the song that gets you ready to start your day? What is the song that makes you dance around your room in momentary bliss? It could vary depending on the mood but the power of its sound can dictate your attitude. For those who may not have a specific morning song, don't worry. We have the perfect playlist to pair with each coffee type. The same as to why certain wines pair better with certain dishes. Music and food/beverages create an ambience. We aim to set a tone fitting to start your morning. I hope that our playlist will put a little extra spice in your day.

-By @Anisa Bottoms for Taste Good Coffee