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- I ordered the wrong product. Can I make a return? - No, but we do offer exchanges within 24 hours of receipt of delivery. 

- I want to order Taste Good Coffee for my coffee shop, Supermarket, office. Is this possible? Yes!

Please email us at: with the following:

  1. Add Subject "TGC AT MY COFFEE SHOP"
  2. Name, Role
  3. Coffee Shop and Location
  4. What's your monthly supply?
  5. How soon will you be ready to order?
  6. Contact information?


- I am interested in opening up a TGC shop. Is this possible?

Yes! We are developing our franchise model.


Please email us at with the following:

  1. Name(s)
  2. Phone Number (one point of contact, please)
  3. Emails
  4. Location (City, State)
  5. Availability for a call