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Wake-Up Routine: Coffee & Cow Pose


Yoga is a holistic practice used to alleviate physical stressors along with settling uneasy minds. I enjoy this practice in the morning especially because of the way it wakes you up. However, my love for coffee has me conflicted on what should come first. Do I drink coffee before my Sun Salutation? Or do I reward myself with a warm brew after Downward Dog?

Depending on the specific type of yoga, it can either give you jolt of energy to start your day or ease your tension into a peaceful slumber. For example, Vinyasa Yoga "is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath; commonly referred to as “flow”. This intensity of keeping your body composed throughout this practice requires a level of liveliness. In a scenario like this, a brew like Granada would give your body the kick it needs to prepare for an intense workout.

Other types of yoga such as Yin style which "is a slow-paced style yoga with postures, asanas held longer periods of time" focuses on other body disciplines. Holding your own body weight up in this instance requires you to be calm. Ever have a mini panic attack trying to balance on one foot without falling? Now imagine that with other body parts. Your mind has to be as calm as your heart rate to execute this practice. "Drinking coffee before the class could increase your heart rate and for some can give heart palpitations". This is definitely a reward-myself-for-a-good-job moment when I enjoy a cup of Amarelo after my session.

We can conclude by saying that there is more than one approach in this yoga vs. coffee conversation. The health benefits of coffee can either accelerate or hinder a yoga routine. You can have alternate days in your schedule that give more concentration to your workout and other days where you can lazily enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Hear from a testimony below.



- By Anisa Bottoms for Taste Good Coffee
Taste Good Coffee

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