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The Coffviews

This series is called “Coffviews”. We’ll be getting reviews from a variety of coffee lovers regarding their opinion on the Taste Good Coffee original blends.


What is your name and how old are you?

Tyrone. I’m 46 years old.


How often do you drink coffee?

I can’t start my morning without it. My routine is to make a cup of coffee and enjoy it in solitude as the sun rises. It’s something like meditation *chuckles*


Where do you usually get your coffee from?

Starbucks if I don’t buy coffee cups from the supermarket. 


Is there any other beverage you can replace coffee with that would give you that same effect?

Not that I can think of. I guess tea works for me but it makes me too relaxed. I still need a kick. 


We gave you a sample of our Granada and Paradise blend to taste. Which one would you prefer to start your morning with?

I’d say the Paradise blend is the best because of its rich and robust flavor. Definitely woke me up as soon as I sipped it. Granada has a smoother and lighter taste so I'd recommend that for midday.  


If you can describe the feeling you had after you tasted this coffee in colors, what would they be?

That’s an interesting question. Ummm I would say Paradise is red, brown and orange. Granada is light blue and green. Does that make sense? *laughs*


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