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Hey coffee lovers! Here are 9 interesting facts about coffee. How many of these did you know?

1. The type of cup you use makes a difference. 

According to several scientific studies, the color, shape and even the texture of our cup makes a difference in the way we taste coffee. For instance, drinking dark coffee from a white cup creates a strong contrast, making us think our coffee is stronger. Conversely, when we drink from a clear cup, many of us perceive the coffee to be lighter and sweeter. 

2. Light roast coffee has slightly more caffeine. 

Ever wondered what the actual difference between light roast and dark roast coffee is, and if dark roast is stronger than light roast? It turns out dark roast isn't any stronger than light roast; in fact, light roast often has a bit more caffeine in it! 

3. Coffee beans can actually be too fresh.  

If your coffee beans are too fresh, your coffee might taste sour. That's why most roasters let their coffee beans sit (or "settle") for a few days before using them. 

4. Using a French press might upset your stomach.  

We love using a French press—don't get us wrong. But with this brew method, it's easier for sediment to find its way into your cup and thusly into your stomach. If you're prone to stomach issues, try drip coffee or the pour over method instead. 

5. Coffee acidity doesn't mean the actual pH.

Instead, the acidity in coffee refers to its flavor profiles. 

6. Bananas have (almost) the same pH as coffee.

Speaking of pH, bananas and coffee have about the same pH; bananas have a pH between 4.50 and 5.20, while coffee's pH falls between 4.85 and 5.10. 

7. There's no such thing as espresso beans.

Some beans are formulated for espresso, but there's no such thing as an espresso bean. In fact, any coffee can be brewed as an espresso. 

8. Your grinder matters more than your brew method.

Poorly ground beans can lead to a bad cup of coffee. That's why a good grinder is just as—if not, more important—than the coffee machine you use. (Fresh coffee beans are also a must.)

9. Coffee is grown in only two U.S. states. 

Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii, and there are also parts of California where coffee is grown. 

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