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New Year, New Brew!

It’s that time of the year where we all make the conscious decision to either create a new habit or try to fulfill the one, we promised to accomplish last time the ball dropped in NYC. This is a judgment free zone by the way. Progress or procrastination is heavily dependent on the way your life is balanced out right now. However, making the decision to want to do more for yourself is never a bad thing. Reinventing the wheel is the foundation of evolution! You don’t even have to make such a dramatic wish like, “I’m going to give up on meat and quit my job to join missionaries in Indonesia”. It’s okay if you just want to take yourself to the movies once a month as a self-care treat.


Taking your time to reach a goal is more important than driving yourself crazy to attain that goal in a short period of time. The good people of TasteGood believe that the best change is steady and gradual. We actually have some New Year habits that we plan on executing for 2023. Take a look at our New Year Plans:

  • Java Jaw Podcast: This lifestyle podcast will center around maintaining balance in a plethora of various fields of job experiences. No matter the background, a cup of coffee gets you ready for a day of hustling & bustling! Trust me, it’s not as stuffy as it sounds. Our special guest will give us insight to their specific industry norms. Stay tuned for the official debut!
  • Who’s Brewing?: We are looking to highlight upcoming artists, companies and creatives in general on the rise. Like our best grinds on stock, it takes the perfect blend to create a presence the consumer can’t get enough of! Taste Good fully supports other entrepreneurs looking to make a splash with their brands. Once a month, we will choose an entrepreneur to highlight.  

I would like to take this time to say extend my gratitude to all of our old, new and consistent followers. We appreciate every view. We are grateful for every time you visit our page and read our posts. We are excited for everyone going into 2023 with us.

Never forget, the grind never stops when you're keeping the brew hot! See everyone on the other side :)

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