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Music Can Brighten Your Day

Do you want a great day ahead of you? You should start it on the right note. Otherwise, the morning could really ruin it all. Think about it – how you start your day goes a long way in determining what kind of day you have.

Starting your day off on the right note, literally and figuratively speaking, is a great way to set the pace for a successful and productive day. That is precisely why we went further in our business to help our coffee-loving customers set the mood with curated playlists based on their favorite brew. 

Music is said to have hypnotic qualities. With a great cup of coffee, this combination can serve as a great way to reduce the usual anxiety that comes with starting a new day. Coming to think of it, music is a powerful form of meditation that anyone can significantly benefit from mentally and physically. 

Our curated music playlists 

We have several popular coffee brews, each with unique effects on its lovers. Our Amarelo coffee brew is a medium blend of coffee straight from the rich soils of Brazil. The aroma is smooth and tranquil perfect for the avid coffee lover. Our playlist blends soft and peaceful vibes with serene tones to calm your nerves and get you in a good mood for a successful day. 

The Granada coffee brew is another customer favorite that hails from Colombia. It has a rich and robust flavor, giving your kitchen a beautiful aroma every morning. Our curated playlist is lively and upbeat, guaranteed to get your feet moving and out the door in a great mood. When you set the mood right, you create energy and momentum that will carry you for the rest of the day.  

Good music, great coffee, and excellent mental health 

Minor positive improvements build up over time. One incredible morning turns into a great day and a great week. With something as simple as incorporating great music for the soul with your morning coffee, you can improve your mental health, getting closer and closer to the goal of building a life you love. Check out our curated music playlist and try it out. You will love it.

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