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Macha Change!

Springtime is near! Time to watch your seeds sprout from being tended to all winter. Now for some of us, the weather has been so misleading that we mistook the string of nice weather as a seasonal fast-forwarding. False alarm everyone. It’s not time to put away the puffer coats yet. However, this glimpse of warmer days is definitely a sign to gear up for next quarter goals. Ideally the wintertime is made for us to sow our seeds to watch them sprout after April showers. Procrastination, personal circumstance and financial setbacks could have possibly disrupted your process. Life happens. That only means that you have to reschedule according to time availability and reallocate funds efficiently. Call me whenever you need someone to write you an absence letter from your job.

Taste Good Coffee has been working vigorously to bring you more content, resources, recipes, and other surprises to tickle your brain and entertain you on lunch breaks. As we all know, a well-oiled machine makes the gears of any team function. In synergy with changing seasons, some of us are shedding old squads for ones that may fit our administrative and creative builds. Nothing wrong with a little self-discovery for elevation! This mini tangent has nothing to do with the next passage outside of us building our team.

Introducing two new members of the TGC family our VP of Operations Mike Emery and Development Lead Dominique Deamues! Their years of experience combined are undoubtedly rich contributions to our growth. And to all of our dedicated followers, I hope that you’re ready for the spring blend we plan on serving you. Stay on that grind!

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