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It's Not Me. It's You.

We are a month into the new year and you either have been consistent in your resolution or already decided to try again for the next ball drop. Regardless of what side of the statement you stand on, this is a judgement free zone.

Since quarantine, many people were forced out of their positions due to COVID regulations. However, there were a substantial amount of people who chose to pursue an entirely different career for sake of happiness. This quest for fulfillment makes you choose between your needs and your jobs requirements. It seems silly on paper, but this conversation leaves many people frustrated. There comes a point when you have to truly gage the trajectory of your career in terms of salary and status. As we all know, that is the hardest thing to determine. How long until the hours of overtime, extra work and sinking social life pay off? The glass ceiling is a looming paranoia when climbing the career ladder. However, you must treat it like a bad relationship: when it’s time to go, it’s time to go!

This leap of faith is scary. Building the confidence to start from scratch after dedicating so many years to this lifestyle would make anyone nervous. Are you ready? If you fall flat on your face, will you have the financial backing to survive the low points? Guaranteed every venture is bound to hit low points during its baby stages of formation. However, that doesn’t determine your general success in business. Optimism in the face of disparity is a truly a test of its own. I personally believe that it beats being the “ole reliable” in your job environment. The double-edged sword that comes with that is the possibility of never being placed in the position you deserve. Clearly that perspective is subjective to circumstance so please do not take this as a sign to quit your job tomorrow.

I came face-to-face with this moment of clarity when I realized Queen Latifah was not an EGOT. Random yes but hear me out. As you should know, Queen Latifah is a multi-talented artist from film to music and other works in between. Her 10 + years of work left me wondering why she has yet to receive that recognition. Of course, the Queen still holds legendary status to her name regardless but, it made me think of 9-5ers in parallel. Knowing you’re a powerhouse without the recognition of your company!

Look in the mirror and remember all of the things you have to offer. Organizational skills, liaising, and innovative deals wrapped in one. You’re the whole package! Never forget that when you're looking for the courage to ask your boss for a raise. Definitely never forget it when making a decision to better yourself as an individual.

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