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For our routine coffee viewers, you know that health practices are spoken about frequently on this page. As we roll into our spring equinox, we are preparing for the start of a new season. This is where we shed our dead skin for a new coat. What kind of jacket will you be rocking for this quarter? How will you prepare to walk outside? Me personally, I have been preparing for the sunshine weather for months now. One of the practices I used to get myself mentally and physically in shape is the practice of fasting.

As we all know, right now is Ramadan. However, fasting is not exclusively a religious act. Fasting is the practice of abstaining. This is mostly connected to food, but abstaining can be used for other vices such as social media, alcohol consumption, and television binging. The world is so crowded with information that we never get a chance to decipher it fully for ourselves. With so many areas of access, we must always practice closing those portals of acceptance to think for ourselves. Fasting not only disciplined me in my diet but also trained me to stay focused. It forced me to rearrange my goals to have a better insight for how I wanted the next 6 months to look. I abstained from meat, sex and an overload of social media consumption. Honestly, there were times that I did not stay faithful to the practice, but I jumped back on track. I am continuing this practice throughout this new season.

I may not be able to do the whole month, but I can definitely fast in smaller timeframes. For example, 2-3 weeks of no soda. I stopped drinking soda for skincare reasons years ago but it’s still a relevant example. The practices that make fasting successful includes a scheduled regiment throughout the day with prayer, manifestation, dieting and planning. Forgive me for adding to the overuse of the word manifestation.

Fasting may not be appealing to you but the solitude works wonders on your mental and spiritual health. To all my entrepreneurs, it’s a great timeframe to plan. To all my 9-5ers, it’s a great time regain the peace of mind for your mental health after your boss barked instructions that you’ve already accomplished three hours ago.

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