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Coffee Money

Since quarantine we have been inspired to find different ways to invest and flip our income. One of the most buzz worthy topics people discuss is investing in stocks, NFT'S, etc. From divvying shares of stock into airplane companies, Google and other popular brands, people reeked the fiscal benefits of these investments. Coffee is also rising as one of the industries worth investing in. There are many people looking to invest their bucks in the freshness of coffee taste which directly coincides with the island you retrieve produce from. Minuscule details such as this play a huge part in how your brand will be received from your core supporters.

As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for innovative ways to better my investments. A grueling task that will deem worthy of studying for better financial gain. Being that I am still a student to this industry, I will learn alongside anyone who may be interested. Here are some tips that may be helpful for those who hold a curiosity for this lane:


  • Invest in Coffee EFT'S (exchange-traded fund)
  • Invest in Coffee stocks.
  • Invest in Coffee Futures


Also, here are a list of companies that you might want to invest in as you continue your research. Feel free to leave any thoughts you may have pertaining to the topic:

Keurig Dr. Pepper (NASDAQ: KDP)

Nestlé (OTC: NSRGY)

Farmer Bros Co. (NASDAQ: FARM)

J.M. Smucker Co. (NYSE: SJM) - w. dividends

Coffee Holding Co. (NASDAQ: JVA) - w. penny stocks

Restaurant Brands International (NYSE: QSR)


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